How To Apply GATE 2014 Online?

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is conducted every year by the seven IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore with joint administration. This year, IIT Kharagpur has been made in charge of the organization of the whole GATE related process.

gate 2014 apply online

Candidates can apply GATE 2014 online on the IIT Kharagpur website. GATE online application is carried out by the GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPS). For the aspirants, who want to apply GATE 2014 online, should read the whole post carefully.

How to Apply Gate 2014 Online?


Before applying online, candidates should ensure that they are eligible for the GATE 2014 examination. Read GATE 2014 eligibility criteria, first and then proceed to the next step.

Part 1 – Enrollment in Goaps

Enrolment is very must part in which you have to give an official email ID and your personal mobile number. So provide an email account, which you use frequently as any kind of message from GATE will be sent on your email ID.

The mobile number should be entered correct as SMS will be sent on that number when the enrollment is done.

Visit IIT Kharagpur official website, to apply online. Below page will appear in front of you.

Register Page Gate 2014

Fill your Name, Mobile Number, Email ID and GOAPS password. And then click on Register. An Enrolment ID will be sent on your email ID and mobile number. You have now enrolled successfully.

PART 2 – GATE 2014 Online Application Procedure

STEP 1 - Visit this apply online

STEP 2 – Fill in the Enrolment ID (which was sent by GATE to your email ID and mobile number. Read Part 1 to generate enrolment ID). Also fill the Password. And then Login to enter to a new webpage.

STEP 3 –  Above page will appear after login. Fill in the GATE 2014 Exam Details – paper and three Examination centers.

We have compiled the list of GATE 2014 Subject/papers along with their codes. You have to choose only one among the 22 options.

Choose the Examination centers very carefully. I have posted GATE 2014 examination centers zone wise and state wise. Choose the three centers accordingly.

STEP 4 – Now fill the Applicant’s Personal Details, which include, Date of Birth, Gender, Name of Parent/ Guardian, Mobile Number of Parent/ Guardian, Category.

STEP 5 – Fill in the communication details – Adress, City/ Town, State, PIN Code, Country, Permanent residential State. Choose ID Proof from these ID’s – Aadhar ID, College ID, Driving License, Employee ID, PAN Card, Passport or Voter Card. Also fill ID Proof Number.

Note: The chosen ID Proof should be then taken to examination center on the day of exam along with GATE 2014 admit card.

STEP 6 – Fill in all details regarding Qualification. After filling the candidate’s qualification details, hit Save button, which will save your data.

STEP 7 – Upload Photograph and Signature. You shall look at the guidelines for uploading photograph and guidelines for uploading signature.

STEP 8 – Click on Submit and Proceed to payment link at the lowermost portion. If there will be any error, the website will itself notify you. Correct it and again try till all the errors are removed.

Gate 2014 Application Fee (Payment) Details

You will be then directed towards the Fee Payment window, where there are options of Online and Offline Payment modes.

NOTE: It is very important to view GATE 2014 Application Fee details.

Online Payment

Online payment can be done only through net-banking. After the fee payment through net-banking, the candidate will be directed to a page showing the link to download filled application. Save the PDF which will have two pages only.

PAGE 1- It carries the instructions for the candidate and an address slip, which is very useful in further procedure.

PAGE 2- It carries the application form. The lower part of this form will have the certificate by Principal column, which is to signed by the college principal and seal should also be fixed on the given space. In case, candidates has backlogs, there is another column on the lower part related to Backlogs, which should be signed and sealed by the college principal.

Offline Payment

After filling part 2, website will direct you to the online or offline paymeny page. Choose for the offline page and directly proceed to the next step to print out the Challan of either of the two banks:


Download the “Proceed for PDF Download”. It will direct you to page having two links – “Download Challan for Payment” and “Download Filled Application”. Download both the pdf’s. Filled application will be having three pages.

PAGE 1 – Same as Page 1 in case of online net-banking mode

PAGE 2 – Same as Page 1 in case of online net-banking mode

PAGE 3 – It will contain three copies of bank challan

Part 4 – Mail The Documents to Gate Office


Arrange all the necessary documents, which are required. Checklist- Downloaded Application Form in Printed Form and SC/ST/PWD certificate.

  1. The first page of the downloaded application form will have the ADDRESS SLIP, which should be cut carefully and would be attached on the envelope carrying all the documents (which is to be sent to the GATE office).
  2. Second page of downloaded application form will have the space for passport size photograph and signature. Candidates will have to fix a color photograph in the provide space and the signature should be done in the provided box (signature should match same as that of the uploaded one during online application).
  3. On the second page of application form, there is space provided at the bottom with Certificate by Principal. Get the signature and seal of your principal on that space.
  4. For candidates paying fee through offline CHALLAN mode- Third page of application form will be having three copies of the challan. We require the third copy – Stamped GATE copy of Challan from bank, which will be given by bank when the candidate will submit the application fee to the respective bank branch. Candidate’s or student’s copy of the challan should be kept by student itself, which is not required to be mailed at GATE office.
  5. Eligibility certificates of Degree (Example degree certificate). You should first check eligibility certificates.
  6. If you belong to the SC or ST minority category, you will have to arrange the certificate issued by competent authority.
  7. If you are physically disabled, arrange the valid PwD category certificate.

Step 2 – Mailing Procedure

  1. Take an A4 envelope and put all the above documents in it. Note- Candidate shall not put the original documents in the envelope. Photo-copies (excluding application form) should be put inside the envelope.
  2. Now paste the address slip on the envelope, which has the address of the GATE zonal office, where the envelope is to send. NOTE- Do not write the address by hand on the envelope. It can cause rejection of the form.
  3. Address slip contains unique bar code for a particular candidate. So take care of pasting the address slip of your application form and not of some other candidate having same Zonal address.
  4. Stick transparent cello tape on the address slip to prevent it from other physical factors (dust, water etc.).
  5. Do not fold the envelope in any means.
  6. Send the packet by Speed Post or Registered post to the address mentioned on the address slip. The last date of reception of envelope on the GATE office is 10th October, 2013 (Thursday). Envelope can also be handed personally.

Part 5 – Check Status

Candidates shall regularly login to their GATE account using the Enrolment ID and GOAPS Password to check the status of their application form. Current status of the application will be updated when the zonal GATE office will receive your envelope.

After the status is updated, wait for the GATE 2014 Admit Card. Check out the GATE 2014 important dates to know the admit card arrival.

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